The event is the trigger; the action is how Reflection responds. The default toolbar is displayed the first time you start Reflection. Opens the Run Macro dialog box, where you select a macro to run. We have certain macros in our Attachment KeaTerm 4. Retrieved from ” https: For instance, you can customize toolbars, assign keystrokes or mouse actions to terminal keys or functions, customize menus and commands, and change the color and appearance of your host application in Reflection.

wrq reflection unix

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Many VT host applications can print to printers that are not attached to the host.

Attachmate – Wikipedia

Feature will be installed when required: Sensitive data are also protected using the TLS 1. This section walks you through creating two sample macros: A new button appears on the active toolbar, labeled with the name of your macro.

wrq reflection unix

Their products included AppManager and Security Manager. Retrieved 15 September Macros are stored as part of the Reflection settings file and are not saved until you save your settings file. We help jnix open your file. You will be prompted to discard your previously recorded Login Macro and use the newly recorded macro. For more detailed information about installing Reflection products, see the Installation Guide at https: How-to guides Windows 10 Chrome Search Engines. These choices will install some or all of the features you select to your computer.


Product Support

Software companies of the United States Micro Focus International Software companies based in Seattle Software companies established in establishments in Washington state History of computing hardware mergers and acquisitions. We have certain macros in our Attachment KeaTerm 4. Terminal emulator software Interoperability software Security software. Reflection does not support Ymodem. The following example shows how to associate a VBA macro with a specific time to illustrate how you could use this feature in your own environment to schedule events during off-peak hours.

What is a file extension? Customizing your Reflection keyboard enables you to associate keystrokes with actions, a process known as keyboard mapping. Don’t unox this message again. You can customize your keyboard to match a familiar product, to improve interactions with your host application, or to speed up your work.

wrq reflection unix

What is a file extension? Causes Reflection’s Terminal Window to display full screen, without status bar, menu bar, or toolbar.

wrq reflection unix

They also supported driver downloads. Copies selected text to the Clipboard.


When you return to this screen, click Workstation Install and continue your installation of the Reflection product. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Attachmate, founded by Pritt inwas among the region’s largest software developers in the late ’90s and early ’00s, with revenue of Pritt and Julia Pritt [6] focused initially on the IBM terminal emulation market, and became a major technology employer in the Seattle area. By default, reflecfion subfeatures are disabled when the parent feature is enabled.

The feature will not be installed. Use Reflection to transfer files and data to and from a host computer using the Reflection drag-and-drop interface. To send a print job, the host refoection escape sequences to the terminal or terminal emulator, which signal that the print job should be forwarded rwq a printer.

Four pre-defined toolbars are available for quick access to frequently-used commands. With the use of this software, you can likewise automate repetitive tasks and link your host applications with the desktop or the Web.