Hyperblade Apr 18, I got a few questions for the VBA. VisualBoyAdvance – Link collection. I don’t know what is the different between ticking and non-ticking of this – Synchronize and automatic IPS patching is selected. D where should I place the Changed Files? You can checked things about your linking there, the log file appear in your VBA folder, if I’m not mistaken. I let the other emu to save 1st.

vba link 1.6a

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Why don’t you just start the server and give your IP to them? Have any sloution for that.

VisualBoyAdvance – Link collection | Next Generation Emulation Forum

I just mean you better not do it much. Another reason why Xbox is better than PC. Joined Jul 2, Messages 15, Reactions ,ink Points Okay, I’ve read a few pages of this thread and I couldn’t determine the definite answer.

vba link 1.6a

It lik be running and I open up my VBA and type the ip given into the box and connect. You like Xbox, we don’t. I need some help.


VisualBoyAdvance – Link collection

It went out just fine. VBA-M aim to preserve all of the hard work done by these developers to make the already great VisualBoyAdvance even better! It doesn’t work, I have also spent hrs and hrs with many, many diff emus, and yeah I seen it working in youtube and some ppl swear by it, bva, no matter what it never works for me. Please do not double posts. Remember, I only know about my version and it works perfectly.

vba link 1.6a

Not sure if the OP is or knows how to get ahold of the designer but some info would be nice if possible. I got the link to work but now the vba moves extremely slow.

If you want to trade on one computer, you can forget the whole thing with the server. Yo Xbox is just PC in a box.

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It will be better for us to look at it and maybe can help you. I have spent endless hours trying to trade Pokemon and you know what Forums New posts Trending Search forums.


Hey, I have downloaded many gba games like Pokemon ultra violet etc from [Don’t mention rom sites] site. I don’t think all of my contacts are computer literate enough to find out their IP addresses.

Multiplayer mode with GBAs in all transfer speeds. I find 2 answers for your problem. Also, I didn’t read far enough to find out that one 1.6w the computers in the link would need to be the server, I thought it would be an equal load stream, silly me: It will increase the chance of showing “communication error, please And I have 2 things for that discussion.

It is that 1st problem I encountered. D I ask for 2 reasons: Anybody can please test this 2.

vba link 1.6a

Welcome to my personal Page. Player x connected and their respective IP addresses. So that, I can edit some options vna. Similar threads with keywords: