MetalHeadNorm , May 22nd, I don’t have a huge problem with deathcore and even listen to a few bands within the genre. Everything is extremely tight, and each element is proven to be used nearly to its fullest potential. While the breakdowns are present, they are good ones, so it doesn’t detract from the music too much. The band states that the biggest influences on their music are bands such as Necrophagist and Extol. There’s lots of strange time signatures and lead guitars that sound like a mixture of Dream Theater and Gorguts, but this is tempered somewhat by the more accessible, melodeath style melodies the band feels the need to periodically incorporate.

the faceless akeldama album

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The drums recorded by about 4 different people are very technical and well played, complimenting the technical riffs or the groove of the breakdowns. Yes, there are a few breakdowns on here, always crushing, and don’t wear out their welcome. It reveals high tempo, odd time facceless, and very cool and complex riffs, pretty much your average techy metal song.

The Faceless plays a unique blend of technical Death Metal and Deathcore on this release, and they pull it off quite well. Derek has a unique way of setting his vocals and a unique way on bringing himself in the songs.

the faceless akeldama album

The vocalist is also a mixed bag. I guarantee at least that.

Faceless – Akeldama – CD – New. Akeldama consistently conjures up clear mental images of distant planets and alien interactions. They have growls, screeches, and even in some casessome falsettos done in good taste, Fadeless may add. In addition, some instances show him doing a more gurgl-y approach to the growls, which sounds weird, but cool all the same.

CD Review: The Faceless – Akeldama

There is also plenty of sweeping, soloing, pinch harmonics, and less chugging that is played and it is all at the next level. At times the keys blend in with the melodic ness of the guitars and that creates an even stronger atmosphere.


In all actuality, the only deathcore elements “Akeldama” facelfss really the breakdowns, and breakdowns have been implemented by a lot of death metal bands.

the faceless akeldama album

NoktornJuly 26th, It really shouldn’t be, given that description, but whatever, it all seems to work out.

The entire album, while facelesx shorter than others, is certainly sweet enough to albu, up for lack of length. Give it a listen, and see for yourself what this band contains and what they can do. The band states that the biggest influences on their music are bands such as Necrophagist and Extol.

CD Review: The Faceless – Akeldama

Guitarist Michael Keene showcases his intriguing and fiercely technical style on Akeldama in addition to providing us with cohesive and interesting songwriting. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly an impressive debut. Michael Keene guitarist shares some vocals here as well, as he does on “Planetary”, his vocals being the cleans on “Pestilence” and the vocoder on the title track his vocoder, and to a lesser extent, his cleans, are both used much more on the latter album.

If anything, it gives this band a unique taste and outstanding ideas because they incorporate the breakdowns in a fashion that is consisted of technical time signatures itself.

face,ess There are so many technical metal bands out there doing the same shit over and over. Faecless I remember is I was on YouTube one day, and saw another user’s icon was of the album artwork for “Planetary Duality”, which is the band’s second full-length released two years following this one.

Later in the song, and this goes for a few other songs in the album, you come across a breakdown that pretty much shows that the musicians in the group albuum deathcore influences, which gives some taste but doesn’t really add to the song, as some listeners aren’t really huge fans of breakdowns. In conclusion, the production is descent and the album cover shows a strange appearance that shows a symbol of Jesus? My favorite off the four would be Brett Batdorf for his amazing performance in “Lecia” I love the fills that he does and the amazing bass work.


The best track of the album has to be the first one because of how memorable it is, with alvum a good chorus that I find myself running it through my head every akedama often.

The Faceless is a technical death metal band from Encino. My favorite track on the album is Leica, because it captures everything I’d want in a metal song. Let me start off by saying that this band is far superior to The Black Dahlia Murder and sounds closer to Necrophagist with synthesizers and breakdowns.

Unlike the newest album, black metal shreiks are a main vocal style as well as his brutal death grunts he is definatly one of the best modern growlers. The haunting synth patterns are far from the typically cheesy, uninvolved electronic snippets of other deathcore releases; more than mere background work, they often escalate to th symphonic levels.

This album definitely shows us that The Faceless is headed toward a future in the world of Death Metal.

At the end of the day, I was skeptical to give this album a listen as I was drawn in by aoeldama release “Autotheism,” but it is a surprisingly tasteful rendition of deathcore that I feel should be explored more often.

I decided to check them out because I saw that they were opening for Necrophagist and I was pleasantly surprised by these newcomers.