Only for us it had been – doctor, engineer, government official, college lecturer, if the young man was of the right sort, that is. Her association with Kamat, clashes with her most important aspect of her personality as a wife and mother. With this thought, she introspects the problems related with her marital life. In the Indian context, once a girl get married to a man, whether it be a love marriage or an arranged one, the husband takes complete control over her. That Long Silence is a book about claustrophobia, a reassessment of a woman’s life in a society that treats women as objects that would work to keep it cohesive. She feels unable to come out of the clutches of a male dominated society.

that long silence by shashi deshpande

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She gets a prize for one of her stories. They accepted their fate at one time, rebelled against it later.

And so, with each young man, there was the excitement of thinking – will this man be my husband? While reading it I was feeling like it is still India? Jaya, unable to understand him, gets scared and leaves him in his dying state.

I wish I could give it more stars. She realizes that she has to remove the darkness from her soul and mind. As an ideal human being, she was supposed to be there and express her condolence but instead of paying her tribute to him, she runs away from the spot.

In the beginning, she gets support of her husband.


How many pages r there? See 2 questions about That Long Silence….

At this point, Jaya behaves as whashi typical Indian wife who has been trained to think that marriage is of utmost importance. ThAt Long Silence points to the domination of the patriarchy on their mute, deaf and dumb counterpart, who are taught to bear everything on the way to a blissful heaven, by adjusting and digging their voices deep inside the A typical of Deshpande’s novel, where the protagonist is again at nervous breakdown and is talking to herself.

From being a failed writer due to circumstances she was not able to control to changing her name to ”Suhasini” after marriage, Jaya dissects each and every moment where she could have done something different to keep a hold on her life. It doesn’t make a front line attack on the pervasive patriachy but it does shows how we all are battered by this malicious club wielding Patriarchy.

Jaya’s character is deshlande like onion skin, each time becoming more human.

that long silence by shashi deshpande

Her predicament resembles the predicament of many educated women who are compelled to curb their thinking due to social or family pressures. Throughout the novel, Shaxhi ponders over her role clarity, she keeps on shashl her identity and questioning situations where she was not able to take charge of a situation and turned submissive.

That Long Silence is a book about claustrophobia, a reassessment of a woman’s life in a society that treats women as objects that would work to keep it cohesive.

This book is no different.

Feminism in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel ‘That Long Silence’ | IJRRAS

That it’s taken me nearly 15 days to read this is an indication of its quality. Her writing is something deep and exceptionally classy. Deshpane 28, Versha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nobody is perfect, we all maintain this facade of perfection which at times threatens to fall apart.


Sep 18, Amrita rated it it was amazing. This changes everything in the otherwise normal life of the couple. In her interview with Malini Nair, she says: It will suffice to say that the novel neither made me outrageous nor plunged me into an solence of despair.

That Long Silence Summary By Shashi Deshpande • English Summary

Prestige Books International, www. Skip to main content. However, the reverse is not true most of the time. Jaya realizes that she has to go ahead, overcoming all the hurdles.

that long silence by shashi deshpande

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Don’t approach this book looking for saccharine coated, comfortable relationships or happy endings.

Feminism in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel ‘That Long Silence’

Jaya tells us stories about her cousins, parents, aunts and grandparents and we see how Jaya has evolved through her life. They become so estranged that Mohan eventually leaves the house and Jaya. Rather we find ourselves wrapped in a blanket of melancholy.