Carl Bookstein Date Published: Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Doctors Of Madness Interview. She’ll suck on anything you give her Stare at anything that’s shiny bright Her voice cuts through the sea even when its stormy But she’s only two feet high – she’ll get higher. I had it on my iPod at one time, but deleted it since I seldom listened to it. Where are the bodies for dinner?


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Look for Atlantis, it is waiting for you – it lives there and it breathes there Look for Rosemary to open the door for you And she sees you sunfihhter she needs you Enter the cavern Of the starmaker Sundance All through you Holding together holding together.

Once the earth was a garden It gave us all we need Then it grew so barren All because of greed.

Gonna get along gonna getcha down Get around down baby with you. Earth mother your children are here High and feeling dandy Earth mother your children are here Ripped on coke and candy. Her picture is used on the cover of the album.


TrainspottingJan 30, And just as a side note, how great is Craig Chaquico? Hide the human and bring out the beast. She sleeps through almost any sound Even when its screaming loud and clear But she wakes up and smiles at a friendly voice If it whispers softly in her ear.

Paul Kantner & Grace Slick “Sunfighter” | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

The sword of the lord don’t mean nothin to me if he won’t get down On the people makin’ such a mess of the land and the sea all around me Elliott Murphy Raging Pages. Six StringJan 30, Gli autori dei brani riportati in Allmusic sono errati, sono stati indicati quelli corretti, ripresi dall’album originale.


It is better than most other albums from the later era Airplane and a damn sight better than any Jefferson Starship albums, with the exception of Kantner’s Blows Against The Empire which is also excellent. I even have the booklet with the LP. No, create an account now. Now he’s lived his life and he’ll live it again Thru one more gentle soul You’ll know him by his smile and his fork held high He’ll be dining on toads and moles.

I remember Manhole but not sure I ever heard it usnfighter might have. The song “China” is about their new daughter, China Kantner.

As sunfiyhter baby his mother had fed him frogs And a wide assortment of lizards It made him tough and wise and strange And gave him the mind of a wizard. Not sure what else came out of the US at the time that does a similar proggy thing. I like it, but no more than Blows. I hope she sees some things that will make her time happy It all comes in so fast it all comes in.

Acoustic Highway Acoustic Planet.

Review: Grace Slick and Paul Kantner – Sunfighter

Discussion in ‘ Music Corner ‘ started by aoxomoxoaJan 29, Hep Alien and rstamberg like this. Yes – It is very good. It was a Grunt release inbut with no Airplane personnel involved.



Look at the wood and the way he carves it Look at the sun, the golden harvest Must have taken his years. Way too much dust on those old brain cells. I like several of those Grunt lps at least in reprint.

I see in her new face, a clear beginning It all comes in so fast it all comes in She knows who she is without looking She says it out happy when the feeling is there She’s an sunfightdr new person who says just what she feels She’s a fat faced goddess of nowhere.

Machiventarockinlazys and Hep Alien like this. It is a powerful vocal by Slick, a great rock singer always, and an over-the-top musical arrangement.

Paul Kantner & Grace Slick “Sunfighter”

I have it on CD but seldom pull it out to play it. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione debbono essere sempre accompagnati dalla menzione del titolo dell’opera, dei sunfihter dell’autore, dell’editore e, se si tratta di traduzione, del traduttore, qualora tali indicazioni figurino sull’opera riprodotta.

Sunfighter is one of my all-time top ten LPs, and my favourite release from the Jefferson Airplane stable.