Stress Constraints – During optimization, you can now apply stress constraints by defining a minimum safety factor to limit the global stress on the entire model. It is another way for us to keep you up to date with product releases and for you to discuss Inspire and Evolve topics with other designers. We look forward to seeing more on that after recently been shown how Evolve 9. The software featured was solidThinking Inspire. You get the best performance from two cores. Extrude Draw Direction – The new extrude tool allows you to create a manufacturing constraint where the profile of the resulting shape is maintained along the draw direction. Each issue arrives in your inbox on the first Sunday of the month.

solidthinking 9.5

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The straightforward user interface is easy to learn and use and helps designers quickly create efficient and often dramatically lighter structures. The intuitive environment in SolidThinking Inspire goes along way to make optimization less intimidation for designers without advanced simulation and analysis experience.

solidthinking 9.5

Evolve is the heart of the technology that was purchased by Altair from the Italian-based solidThinking a few years ago. The company is planning to introduce the 9. If you have a tip or trick you’d like to share, or comments, questions or feedback, please email us at newsletter solidthinking.

Back in solidThinking acquired the underlying technology that they branded morphogensisa 95 optimization software.


This video sets out describe why all non-design regions should have a load solidthimking constraint applied, and all loads and constraints should be on non-design regions as well as other guidelines that will help you get the most from topology optimization. You can learn more here.

solidthinking 9.5

Check out the full video on the solidThinking YouTube page to learn more. Architosh will never pass any of your information onto third parties. Each issue arrives in your inbox on the first Sunday of the month.

Design engineers generate dramatically lighter concepts with minimal stress using solidThinking Inspire 9. Architect, Engineer, Viz Pro, etc.

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For more information read our privacy policy. While this involves structural understanding and some computation, solidThinking Inspire 9. Our team is here to answer your questions and share best sooidthinking. Stress Constraints – During optimization, you can now apply stress constraints by solidtjinking a minimum safety factor to limit the global stress on the entire model.

Can’t get enough of solidThinking? It is easy to unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe All posts Subscribe to Architosh by Email. Congratulations to the top 5 and the honorable mention recognized by the judges. You can use more cores, but the speed increase may not be significant.

solidthinking 9.5

Twitter Tweets by architosh. So is support for additional neutral 3D file formats beside STL. In the case of a 3D printing part a minimum mass solution will also be the cheapest. Or, subscribe now for unlimited full access to Architosh. Username or Email Password Remember Me. Acoustic phenomena are multiphysics in nature.


solidThinking intros new solidThinking Inspire | Architosh

We really look forward to reviewing this solidthknking formerly soon. Thanks to Anthony Architosh http: One aspect of that is that the tool runs cross-platform, reaching a huge design-oriented student base in various technical design-oriented academic disciplines who favor the Mac, including architecture and civil engineering. The benefits are faster product or design development times, reduced costs and material consumption and reduced product weight. Engineer at Key Safety Systems, Inc.

For those with multicore workstations, Inspire lets you specify the number of cores you want to .95 to solve the optimization. This latest version of their 3D design software for Mac and Windows allows designer engineers, product designers and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily.

The company notes that traditional approaches entail structural simulations by engineers to check to see if a design will support the required loading of a given structure. Displacement Constraints – The new displacement constraints tool allows you to limit the deflection of an optimized part, either in one direction or all directions.