All times are GMT The only thing I can get to run properly is Cave Story. After that, copy and paste the apps folder onto the root of your SD card; same goes for the snes9xgx folder. Open due to Zack discontinuing this port ; he has made the source code available. They are all supported and welcomed on the official Snes9X site. Results 1 to 10 of

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Wow, last I checked this place it was Finally decided to get on here However Im running 1.

After that you should be able to download and run from there Hint: Add Thread to del. Runs at 60fps with frameskip 0. I read someone saying there is a problem with befa 1. I realize that this is old, and there has since been a fix for the frozen intro screen.

SNES9xTYL freezes up during intro..

I personally don’t know if that user is correct as being in the ntsc region I never tried to get the previous eur releases of VHBL and if more homebrew loaded fine, all I can say is I tried their sample homebrew which came ps vita prepackaged which was doom and that worked fine. Betaa figure out how to delete these apps cause I’m starting to fill my memory card with useless data. I then ran Lamecraft r56 which is suppose to be vita compatible and the game loads but crashes within 10 secs of the map loading.


This is so frustrating. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Snes9x freezes when mario stands below the block. After that’s installed, it should be as simple as copying over the emulator, ROMs, saves, etc to the X-Box and it should work. Jailbreaking your firmware Android: Open due to Zack discontinuing this port ; euphoriz has made the source code available.

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Exactly, it’s like the PSP days are the present and now we’re just living in the future. To get your membership, click here to sign-up. Speed differences in games with R5 Beta 3 compared with R4 from my testing: Missed this community and the crazy PSP scene. So far not great but as wololo stated before we all made the dive, we are purchasing the game and to expect nothing more so I’m happy that VHBL is actually running and I’ve gotten doom at least running, that being said I’m hoping there is a problem with the release which can be fixed when he returns as I’d love to get the emulators working on my vita.


Recommend or Don’t Recommend Subscribe to our Daily Digest! I do not understand why this won’t work. Results 1 to 10 of Birdmen and the Casual Fallacy.

Read the readme, and use a softmod or modchip and a replacement dashboard. In other words, ideally your device should be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich or better in order to run this properly. Could it have anything to do with the roms I have added?

Anyone run in to this problem at all?

If you are already a member, click here to log-in. Runs at 60fps with frameskip 0 Kirby’s Superstar: Read about them now!

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You might need a modchip. Not that I wouldn’t add something I didn’t own lol. It records them if the dealer enters them.