Muthu Kumar Muthu Kumar 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. You might find the following files in your SikuliX setup folder: Sikuli is best used when the elements on user interface do not change frequently. Sikuli uses the technique of Image Recognition to recognize elements on the screen. How to run my scripts Look here for more information.

sikuli setup jar

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After having completed the downloads come back here and sikulli with step 3. This release introduces two new command line options –test to run Sikuli’s unit test cases and –stderr to print runtime errors to STDERR instead of popping up a message box. Sikuli is preferred when UI elements are stable and are not constantly changing. Screenshots are desirable for bug analysis. Asked 5 years, 10 months ago.


If you want to repeat the setup for some reason you should do some backup to be prepared to revert existing files with the same name will be overwritten without notice setup will ask you to reuse already downloaded artefacts say no if you want to download fresh copies Read carefully, what setup is asking you, before clicking anything!


Currently this is version 8. Change in pixel size of images will result in Sikuli throwing a FindFailed exception. Equivalent versions of OpenJDK should work as well and in many cases are the only option on Linux systems.

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Simply double click on sikuli-setup. November 12th see the ChangeLog for the latest hot fixes It is much smaller, since it does not contain the IDE stuff nor the big packages for the scripting support see section ajr below. When running SikuliX IDE from command line or a script use as command line parameters -d 3 sets the debug level to the recommended value. It finds elements on screen solely based on their images. Sikulu sikuli-webdriver Group org.

On Mac you get a real Mac application SikuliX. Thank you in advance. See Faq when having problems with the setup’s internal downloads.

December Newest version Yes Organization not specified URL Not specified License not specified Dependencies amount 8 Dependencies sterodium-rmisikuli-apiopencvopencvopencvopencvopencvopencvThere are maybe transitive dependencies!

sikuli setup jar

Should do the job on more Linux systems for version 1. Release notes for Sikuli 0.

IDE, Script, Java denote the affected packages setup options Otherwise the setup fails jwr a cryptic way: This is how your screenshot should look like: It must be in a state, that a user could work with the system and watch on aikuli screen what is going on.


Please refer to the commit logs from revision to revision Selenium can automatically take screenshots during What is Chrome Options class?

With extensions, adding new features to Sikuli would be much easier. You can dowmload it from https: After having made your selections, click the button [Setup Now].

sikuli setup jar

RunSetup You have to at least select option 1 or 2 the [ H ] buttons provide some more information and you might select both. If you are programming in Java you need the JDK pack. Amr Lotfy Amr Lotfy 1, 2 2 gold badges 19 19 setkp badges 40 40 bronze badges. The packages out of the box support Bit and Bit Java.

This method is used to find a specific element on the screen. One setup for all systems – download in an empty folder and double-click – read carefully before clicking any option.