You hit me and won’t even apologize? The commander, Kondou-san, is a very kind and gentle person. I’m glad that you’re here, Chizuru-chan. It’s because they treat Kondou-san like an idiot. I didn’t realize you knew someone in this city. We can’t let Chizuru-chan see this, right?

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You must be pretty. That sounds like another very interesting story. Okita-san, will Nagakura-san really be all right?

Subtitles, Hakuōki, [Ruri]Hakuouki Sekkaroku 01v2 [AF8A] — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

Well, a cold is the root of all illnesses. So, what do you think, Toshi? Rather than a daughter, she’s more like a little sister. I don’t get you at all. And if I am? It happens all the time.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan and Hakuouki Sekkaroku Amv

How long can I stay by your side? We were invited by Itou-san for the new year, right? Onii-chan, let’s play together. The Shinsengumi doesn’t have any important work, anyway. Since my muscles are so perfect, you want to cut them, or what? Get ready now, or I’ll leave you behind.


Kondou-san is a very good person! Let’s start making preparations, too. However, finding the location is hard. None found, add some. You never catch a cold, right? In that case, we should use this chance to search. Please don’t do this ever again! I’m planning on going to the headquarters a bit later. You wanna go at it? B-But this is enough.

It was very lively that day. Choirboy All reviews 1 people found this review helpful.

hskuouki Do you have business with me? Chizuru-chan, who is this? When you get to a height you don’t see every day, it’s interesting, right?

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan and Hakuouki Sekkaroku Amv Vbox7

But please spare me from the green onions, ‘kay? Thanks for the food. So, Chizuru-chan, enjoy yourself for my sake as well.

Then I guess I’ll play for a bit. If something happens, I’ll jump in immediately. Green onions help against a cold. But I didn’t really think that Yamazaki would do that.