Resource-draining currency miners are a regular part of the Google Play market, as scammers pump out apps that covertly harness millions of devices , in some cases with malware so aggressive it can physically damage phones. Properly educated, I suspect the user would not choose that option. On the other hand, they [the developers] do disclose that they are doing it and give other options for people who don’t like it. Stupid of me to miss that. Calendar 2 is slightly different in the sense that it clearly discloses the miner it runs by default. You will save time and be much more productive.

qbix calendar

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In hopes of learning how to access the premium features I paid for, I googled the app and the company and found a bunch of articles from March saying that this app uses your computer to mine cryptocurrency. There ought to be a link to an honest FAQ that gives a high-level but complete overview of what that means. But I am using it successfully. In an email, Qbix founder Gregory Magarshak said the rollout of the currency miner has been complicated by two bugs that prevented it from working as intended.

It’s not enough to just to include “generates crypto-currency” on the selection menu. Users can bypass this default action by selecting an option to keep the premium features turned off or to pay a fee to turn on the premium features.

That puts it in a grayer zone than most of the miners seen to date. You will save time and be much more productive. If Calendar 2 isn’t the first known app offered in Apple’s official and highly exclusive App Store to do currency mining, it’s one of the very few. Minus one star for that But I do like this app, otherwise. Apple found out, removed the app from the app store. A popular title in the Mac App Store recently embraced coin mining openly, and so far Apple gatekeepers haven’t blocked it.


Added coupon Fixed reminder message issue Improve the lifecycle of Calendar. What started out as a well-meaning option to just let people try out a new way to get all features unlocked became an option that made many people associate “mining” with huge CPU consumption.

Mac App Store Preview.

qbix calendar

If users approve the arrangement, the miner will then run. I would want to see a legit app informing the user in advance or making it an option that can be turned on but is off by default. The app doesn’t allow you to see a larger version of your calendar i.


Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. I’ve seen some comments about using a lot of memory and I haven’t seen that yet.

‎Calendars on the Mac App Store

Some people might be perfectly willing to let an app like this mine cryptocurrency so that they can use it for free.

Apple calenadr didn’t respond to emails asking if the recently updated Calendar 2 violated App Store terms and services.

qbix calendar

The developer didn’t help me, though, bqix though I asked through the so-called Support item, which just takes you to the Facebook page where the developer ignores you. While this will be a very effective tool for teaching people that they can’t always get what they want for freeit has the potential to be such a huge waste of electricity.


Popular calendar app that mines cryptocurrency disappears from the Mac App Store

In recent days, Calendar 2 developer Qbix endowed it with code that mines the digital coin known as Monero. The really annoying thing about this app is the fact that even though I’ve paid for the full version, the reminders to ‘write a review’ are non-stop. If you navigate around a bit, you can find a related page where other Calendar users post questions and comments. This functionality, while much more limited than I was expecting, could be useful to some users. In an e-mail sent about 90 minutes after this post went live, Magarshak said he has decided to remove the miner from future versions of Calandar 2.

I keep the Compact view enabled with a 3 day span, which usually gives me a completely visible list of my events over that period without having to do any scrolling. Developers programmed the miner to use 10 percent to 20 percent of a Mac’s computing power, depending on whether the machine was plugged in. The miner—or at least the bugs found in the one released—has generated plenty of criticism on social media.

The backgrounds are busy and make it difficult to actually find the important info-like the date. Please fix it ASAP. In short, as you can imagine, these two bugs caused issues for many of our users.