To choose a smaller number should make the transmitted moves of the axis smoother, I’m just not sure about it. Windows will treat these devices just like any other joystick and they can be used in any game or application that accepts joystick input. This can be corrected. Please be aware that this will leave your system more vulnerable to viruses and a good antivirus program is highly recommended. Contents 1 Introduction 1. To do this, under PPJoyJoy.

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As far as the hat button is concerned, I didnt find the way to have them working with PPJoy, I’m sorry about that. In order to test if it worked, use the PPJoy control panel applet to readd a virtual device. On removal make sure both checkboxes are ticked one for removing the mapping, the second for removing the driver.

To install you need to turn off UAC. Select actions, then Add Legacy Hardware. Here it is, you’re now the happy owner of a joystick equipped with a rudder control, grats! You could choose more, if you combination of controllers has more than The current page could have changed in the meantime.


PPJoy needs atleast one program window open to send updates to the driver. To apply the patch extract the contents into the directory where PPJoy was installed you can leave out the readme file. The computer will detect a new controller: The tool looks like this: In the “Parameters” tab, select “Calibrate”.

PPJoy for using multiple joysticks

Some others, I’m sure of it, are just as much awkward as I am and wish to use 2 joysticks at the same time. To do so run ” msconfig ” from commandline or look for “System Configuration” in control panel. I called it “first step”, but put a 2 before In the options menu, check the box “Don’t allocate ports assigned to joysticks”. You’ll just have to load the config file clicking on “Load.

Personal tools Log in. In order to use multiple devices a third party driver, such as PPJoy, must be used. To do so, we just need to go back to the Config Panel of Windows, and select the Game Controller icon I dont know the exact english name Click next twice, then Finish.


Each time you wish to use the virtual device open PPJoyJoy. You’ll see there all ppojyjoy game controllers available, including the virtual joystick we created. If someone finds how to, please let me know! Now, click on the “Add” button.


It is a snapshot of the ppjogjoy as it appeared on 31 Jul Click Next suivant Do not change anything on any of these windows. At this point, you could re-calibrate the virtual Joystick, but I dont think it’s necessary.

I’m not sure it concerns USB joysticks, but I’d rather prevent problems to occur than to cure them.

PPJoyJoy Joystick-to-Joytick remixer mini-driver | WhatPulse

That’s this particular function we’ll need. On the launching menu of X3, before the real launch of the game, select “Input device”. Be sure to save your configuration when you are done creating it. Now that both softwares are installed, let’s start the serious thing!

Commodity Logistics Software Ppjoyjiy. The patch file can be downloaded from here: