Thanks for all your responses and advices. That way, you’d have got more native pclos dependencies installed and less risk from installing too much from outside. For series of oscilloscopes, see Pico Technology. At last I installed all the necessary dependencies inclusive the packages “picomono 2. It is in Fedora’s repository and can be installed there. None of those steps will work as is. Please login or register.

picoscope linux

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Then it was necessary importing linu “public piocscope to be sure the downloaded software is from Picotech but this failed with the given command: If you talk to the tech at pico again ask him if they have anything packaged for RPM – I see on their web site they offer packages for fedora and suse so they should be able to provide rpm packages and the ones for fedora may work on PClinuxOS.

PicoScope (software) – Wikipedia

You can find this on this link: Blessed are the peacemakers At last I installed all the necessary dependencies inclusive the packages “picomono 2. But I can’t find the.

picoscope linux

PicoScope gets Linux software”. This page picocope last edited on 17 Aprilat Please login or register. Glad you got it working, but you certainly did it the hard way.


picoscope linux

Sounds as if it wouldn’t work, so Mint is your best bet. That’s very useful as well as interesting.

PicoScope is computer software for real-time signal acquisition of Pico Technology oscilloscopes. For series of oscilloscopes, see Pico Technology. To get help, I registered on the official Picotech Forum. I might borrow one from my dad’s works and give it a try, thanks.

As a previous poster mentioned, it would be wise to check what it will install against files you already have. Llnux I did any endeavour to install things, I had a “chat” with one of the PicoScope support guys.

Installing software to get PicoScope oscilloscope working

PicoScope for Microsoft Windows is the liinux oscilloscope application, and was first released in by Pico Technology. The software has been described as “very good for laptops” and can be used with desktop or laptop PCs.

I give here the steps I executed in Mint: PicoScope software enables real-time scope display with zooming and panning, and buffers captured waveforms on the PC to enable engineers to view previous measurements.

PicoScope for Linux is supported on Debian 7. Which after several idle attempts did not work for more info visit their Forum and look for the category “PicoScope for Linux” with my thread under username AnalogueMan.


PicoScope (software)

Views Read Edit View history. For maximum safety you could try it on a test partition first, but I don’t think it’s likely to break anything as I’ve already explained above. Had you used apt-get rather than rpm to install picoscope it would have searched the repo for the dependencies and only complained if it couldn’t find them. I had never seen this command and on first sight I had a resemblance with a “hair curl” but after some Internet search it was in fact some “c-url” command which then start to make cense to me.

February 20, PC scope has eight 20MHz 12bit channels”.

My question to the Forum members is: February 21,picoscoppe Pages using Infobox software with unknown parameters. That will create an rpm, but no telling what will happen when you go to install it. AnalogueMan Hero Member Posts: PcLinuxOS uses rpm -based package management.

PicoScope for Mac OS X includes the essential features, while advanced features are still being developed.