Anyway you have reason on “works well on small projects”. It’s been stalled for about forever now – and more to the point, it’s only compatible with PHP4. It allows PHP programmers to easily build native Windows applications. Just have the PHP script in same folder as php-win exe is. Was not easy and leaves a bad vibe on Bambalam.


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Have been using Bambalam for a number of years. It does not address native code generation nor optimization.


The unique full “as you want” is the phpdesktop. No malware, I promise. Also there is a complete documentation, up to date support, windows and linux compatibility and options can easily be changed. Some of them need browser to run and this is difficult to tell customer “please type http: Mo Rostami Mo Rostami 2, 27 27 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges.

Thiongane Nov 10 ’13 at 3: It allows PHP to be executed within the. It allows PHP programmers to easily build native Windows applications, producing quick and rewarding results with minimum effort. Be my guest, feedbacks are always welcome! Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. I can confirm that phc-win works for creating console exe file with PHP 5. Nice php2exee by the way. It’s just faster and easier to work with.


PHP compiler or top2ec named The Other Php 2 Exe Compiler

It’s promising but could you add a few ;hp2exe to this? The exe files produced are totally standalone, no need for php dlls etc. How do we handle problem users? Zend Framework 2 and some things like that.

Php2exe download

Titanium remained focused on mobile, and abandoned the desktop version, which was taken over by some people who have open sourced it and dubbed it TideSDK. Phalanger is a project which was started at Charles University in Prague and was supported by Microsoft. EDIT Another option is to use http: Mark Baker Mark Baker k 25 25 gold badges silver phl2exe bronze badges. I will try some of them. Lastly, it has win32std and winbinder compilied statically into PHP.

obfuscation – Convert a PHP script into a stand-alone windows executable – Stack Overflow

PHP is one of the most popular languages for web authoring. It converts a php project to a standalone exe. Thank you for your interest in this question. PHPPy This is not complete way for create stand alone executable file for running php projects but helps you to do this. The converter is also suitable for producing.


The trial is free, download it from here. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Active 6 months ago. I create a simple project to do this: It’s a file handling thing in the underlying PHP; try downloading now, I have a hopefully-fixed phpflexer version on the same link.

Once all the bytecode files have been created, a modified Embeder is used to pack all of the project files into the program exe.

I had problems with most of the tools in other answers as they are all very outdated.