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phantom brave the hermuda triangle psp

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phantom brave the hermuda triangle psp

To leave a random dungeon, one must either clear every floor, or use a Dungeon Monk’s Return skill, which costs money proportional to the current depth. A struggling writer by trade, Cyril has been living off a diet of bad games, and a highly suspect amount of propaganda. It’s questionable how accurate this is, but this is all that’s known about Cyril Lachel: However, it’s disappointing that this is all it is, never building enough on its strengths to fully justify its existence to a wider audience that isn’t rabid for more NIS strategy games.

His power possesses a number of characters throughout the game. Views Read Edit View history. An alternate universe version of Walnut joins Marona and company as a playable character in “Another Marona”, a side story that is exclusive to the Wii and PSP versions of the game. Marona leaves Putty—a mischievous nature spirit found on an earlier assignment—with Castille to keep her company when Marona is unable to do so.


Haze and Jasmine’s dying wish was for Ash to watch over their then infant daughter Marona. Walnut prides himself on his status triqngle a Chroma Oxide, one who secretly follows a Chroma on their mission and steals the reward for their work. On an assignment that brought the trio to the Tfiangle of Evil, a fragment of a malevolent being known as Sulphur attacked the group, mortally wounding them.

One of the two main heroes of the game, Ash is the phantom of a young man who protects Marona. Realm of Gaming Retrieved August 11, The Marona of an alternate reality, she shares the same phantom-related Chartreuse powers that the original Marona has.

Later, the game was ported to the PlayStation Portable with added features under the title Phantom Brave: Quality or quantity Much of the beauty to be gleaned from any SRPG is in its systems of play, and again the title is a solid enough offering, though nothing hfrmuda. If this rather tepid reaction to the title hasn’t changed your mind, then go grab it – it’s a generally well put together time sink between Disgaea games.

These titles can later be removed and placed on player characters phanto weapons to alter their stats. Maragos, Nich August 27, However they are intercepted by Sprout. Unlike most tactical role-playing games, the border of the battle maps do not have barriers around their edges.

Unlike in many turn-based strategy titles, player movement is not restricted by set puantom, but rather characters can move freely about the map. Using this power she can summon Ash and other phantoms hfrmuda the world of the living to aid her in her own endeavors as a Chroma, similar to the work done by her late parents.


Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle for PSP Reviews – Metacritic

Walnut’s power, herkuda Burgundy”, is the same power utilized by the legendary hero Scarlet the Brave, and is fueled by burning the wielder’s soul to create a powerful energy.

This page was last edited on 5 Mayat The very thought of his return causes chaos and widespread panic across all of Ivoire. Using these elements against your opponents is very effective at removing them from the fight.

phantom brave the hermuda triangle psp

His signature technique is the power “Dark Eboreus”. At that point Walnut appears and says farewell to Castile, sacrificing his own life to sever the portal between Ivoire and Sulphur’s domain and effectively save the world.

Phantom Brave – The Hermuda Triangle

He is first seen in the quest to find the rainbow bird. Chronicles of the Sacred TomeCastile eventually recovers from the sickness that keeps her in bed and becomes healthy enough to fight alongside Marona, while searching for signs that her brother Walnut may still be alive. THT sets tirangle action on several islands, hermuea hub of which is our heroine Marona’s home – Phantom Isle.

See all 16 Critic Reviews. The protagonist of Phantom Brave is a year-old girl named Marona. He frequently objects to Marona’s selfless behavior.