Will the ever see the rails again or be put on display? Open the engine in MSTS. For more info on the excursion go to www. If you would to know more, please click here. It’s been running for 50 years now, and it still sells out every year. Michigan Lakes Trains and Rolling Stock mi. To place one of our cab views into an MSTS engine, please follow these simple steps:

pere marquette 1225 trainz

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If you do not use all of your coal, detach full coal cars and return the empty cars to the mine. In addition, we pulled the place names from our local area, and had a bit of fun with them.

They put on a fantastic show! Paste those files to ‘cabview’ folder of the MSTS engine.

Feel free to click on the above thumbnails to see larger images. Sellers Type N Injector n.

pere marquette 1225 trainz

For example, schedule a run between the coal mine and the power station to keep electricity flowing. To download individual parts, please click on the links provided below: Having industry mixed in with pine forest and deciduous woods makes this route look like it could be anywhere in Michigan.

Back when steam was on the head end of the trains there would usually be 2 or 3 dozen railroad buffs along with several family members that would show up for each run. Below you can see the selection of locomotives and rolling stock that we provide to help you fulfil your tasks.


pere marquette 1225 trainz

Below is a video I shot a few years ago of the New River Trains. Pere Marquette Rebuild on hold. Covering 99 baseboards, this route is bordered by the Great Lakes and perd smaller lakes, which are so often found in Michigan. File contains a modified MSTS. The following cab views were created using Train Sim Modeler.

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Based on the Wheel by Baldwin Locomotive Works. As a freeware model, feel free to share it with your friends. Free Downloads Below, we’ve provided a number of free resources which are available for you to download.

pere marquette 1225 trainz

We’re pleased to share them with you and ask for nothing more than your undying gratitude. The new cab view will be active. To place one of our cab views into an MSTS engine, please follow these simple steps:.

We have had far too many steam engines shut down. Please click here for a full listing and downloads. If CSX would relax its anti-steam policy it would create more “job openings” for steam locomotives such as For more info on the excursion go to www. Michigan Lakes Route mi.


Free Downloads

Should you have any questions regarding these downloads, please feel free to contact our technical support department at any time. To download individual parts, please click on the links provided below:. A Trainz magazine article from the ’80s reported that the NRT was breaking records for the longest passenger train ever run in North America.

All three parts must be downloaded in order to run the session. The files are available in PDF format, or Microsoft Word format for editing and adding custom touches. In addition, Auran PaintShed is required for the proper display of our custom engines and rolling stock.

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Michigan Lakes Trains and Rolling Stock mi. Run at a profit, in fact, that could be used to pay for the expense of rebuilding and maintaining steam locomotives. Now days, CSX won’t allow any steam locos on their rails.