Thanks to therealjamesjennings for sending track 2 lyrics. The success the record achieved in Scandinavia led EMI to release it internationally; it was issued throughout Europe, as well as in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. The record contains some of the most oppressive lyrical content Fredriksson has written. The album was issued throughout Europe from 13 November, [1] in Japan on Christmas Eve , [19] and in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia at various dates in Archived from the original on 10 June Thanks to bed, mashakel52 for sending tracks 3, 5 lyrics. Fredriksson described the track as “pure and overwhelming anguish, the kind I thought I could never write about; the very dark thoughts inside me.

opeth den standiga resan

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opeth den standiga resan

I was hanging out in bars, drinking too much. Poeth 8 September Views Read Edit View history. Please read the disclaimer. Thanks to ryanwiehl for sending track 8 lyrics.

OPETH LYRICS – “Watershed” () album

Retrieved 18 December Alternative rock blues rock ambient pop hard rock. Marie Fredriksson Anders Herrlin.

The album remains both her highest-selling and stzndiga critically successful release in her native country. It was written on a plane, flying to New York from some place I don’t remember.

It’s really depressing, to realise no-one has been in your home since you left it. Retrieved 1 December Retrieved 30 July The Lotus Eater 4.


Den ständiga resan (English translation)

Thanks to je5terhead for correcting track 4 lyrics. Because people might think that you will commit suicide. Porcelain Heart [Mikael Akerfeldt] I lost all I had that April dayI turned to my friends nothing to sayI wrote down a name and read it twiceI wallowed in shame.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Opetn. Come here inside Come tell me how How in my final days I found the rout The light comes on The signal for us to end our lives You wait beneath the white sheets and you wait forever The night comes on Your weakness starting to erase all your lies So I left you alone We all left you alone [reversed lyrics 7: I couldn’t handle the personal side of life on tour.

opeth den standiga resan

Burden I, Once upon a time, Carried a burden inside. The record contains some of the most oppressive lyrical content Fredriksson has written.

opeth den standiga resan

That someone lied to you You hold it closer to your chest There was a meaning for this test But you forgot and it’s gone now You were controlled somehow There was a mean time An invitation of sorts I remember life I, I was sick with sorrow I’d fallen asleep And dreamt of my sins here It was your turn Adamant smile and said, “Thank you” There was a sickness right in the family While I shuddered in the cold Woman hanged for her sins while I craved mine An old man drowned in this life herd As I made amends with my fathers Someone died Not here, never here 9.


Retrieved from ” https: Bridge Of Sighs [Special edition bonus track] [Robin Trower cover] [x2] Sun don’t shine The moon don’t move The tides to wash me clean Why so unforgiving And why so cold Spent a long time crossing The bridge of sighs [x2] Cold wind blows And the gods look down In anger of this poor child Why so unforgiving And why so cold Been a long time crossing The bridge of sighs She later said of that tour: Thanks to anekaku for sending track 11 lyrics.

Archived from the original on 18 September Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 19 December And left you here alone Am I wrong?

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Den Standiga Resan

Cornelis Vreeswijk Per Alm. The record was an immediate commercial success upon release on 9 Octoberand remains Fredriksson’s most commercially and critically successful solo opetb album. This version contained four bonus tracks, three of them being covers from the tribute album to Cornelis Vreeswijk: