Do you suggest another emulator that supports windows 7 and which is not command thus meaning to be GUI. The only other one I know of is Winkawaks http: I would recommend you use Nebula instead. Dont bother with Neorage, even on old machines and operating systems. The whole Mamewah config system and command syntax has been changed.

neoragex 5.0.exe

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I would recommend you use Nebula instead.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Dont bother with Neorage, even on old machines and operating systems.

April 29, It causes confusion multiple threads and duplicates files on the server.

neoragex 5.0.exe

There’s a tutorial here http: Metal Slug 5 doesn’t seem to be supported. It runs at 60fps on my old mhz pc. Anders Nilsson Last revision: I must admit I dont understand how mamewah works and the ini system is a nightmare to configure for me. Thanks buddy I use neorage as it runs the metal slug series and snk vs capcom that Iv not seen work on any other emulator.

Game Neoragex 5.0.exe

Joined Mar 7, Messages 2 Reactions 0 Points 0. Which ever is easiest to set up I have also altered my button configuration from standard mame so I will need an emu that I can alter button configs on. Now i bought a new pc and i am using windows 7. Joined May 18, Messages 13, Reactions 2 Points Forums New posts Trending Search forums.


neoragex 5.0.exe

The idea of NeoGeo was to be able to play the same games that were popular in old arcades in the comfort of your own home, and NeoRAGEx has expanded on that idea. I have tried to run neoragex on this new pc and it is not correctly working, but it comes with a scattered screen as shown below: I certainly don’t know it all, and don’t be dissuaded 5.0.fxe posting. It never supported Win 7 and the emulator is no longer being developed.

neoragex 5.0.exe

Right im having major problems here can someone who has managed to get zinc working in mamewah please put up an idiots guide for me the idiot who cant get this sorted. A NintendoDS emulator that allows neoragsx to play commercial games.

NeoRAGEx Zinc with mamewah

There’s a way with Zinc, but I have no idea how. Hi mate yeah I use version 1. Suits00, you are very helpful but it’s probably best for you to just refer to the thread where I originally posted those files, rather than posting them repeatedly. It has the capability to operate on lower end computer systems and hardware then other emulators.


September 17, Hi to all, i am new to this forum and if this discussion goes to another section of this forum please feel free to move the topic and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

NeoRageX e NEO-GEO Emulator for Windows – SNK Neo Geo Emulators |

Any reason you’re using it? November 11, The whole Mamewah config system and command syntax has been changed. The advantage 50.exe NeoRAGEx over similar products is that it runs on lower-end computers without sacrificing game quality or enjoyment.

Also, I deserve my 2 cents worth of credit for going through each game and working out all the controls and writing those INI files in the first place. June 23, It can be run from the command line also. I have tried to do what you said but still I cant get it to work and I know that im probably mis understanding what your trying to explain to me.

My problem is that i was using the NeoRagex emulator on windows xp on my previous pc and it worked fine.