Maybe I’m just being sceptical: I Want more Live options on Windows 7 version. Now, you can adjust this by adjusting your beatmix. Check out the screen-shot below Mario Ladouceur October 17,

mixmeister fusion video 7.4.2

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No doubt i will soon be banned and this post deleted, but thats just the ay it seems this company runs. Again, just relax and ignore it.

Johnthedj December 03, No Divx, crashing happens way to often. You are a poser and fraud. Does anybody know how to contact Aaron Higgins?

mixmeister fusion video 7.4.2

All cracks and keygens are made by enthusiasts and professional reverse engineers MixMeister Fusion Video 7. That’s why the old community was so great. Test this incredible software now and you will not regret about it.

MixMeister Fusion – Download in italiano

Please continue to update us on any changes. Firat Gul September 22, Please download the latest beta versions here: This is a great DJ mixing software that can easily be used by anyone.


Their aim is to sell electronics, such as DJ controllers and cd players. I can tell you that vidwo new Mac beta has been working good on my mac’s. Johnthedj June 10, They strung me along for a month.

mixmeister fusion video 7.4.2

Sad to see the poor follow-up from the company David Petree September 01, Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered. Numark bought Mix Meister to kill it.

Related Reviews – more. Only audio works on video files no video. Just excuses and now they don’t respond to my emails I’m so pissed with this company,Rip off Numark you need to understand Mix Viedo is not your enemy.

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mixmeister fusion video 7.4.2

This software is perfect for budding DJs who want to hone and sharpen their music mixing skills. Mathew March 02, tusion How can a beta be less than what is actually available. I foretold this on the beatmixing forums. You’re not the first to not realize how easy that is to fix.


Aivar Havi October 16, Mixmeister was unique software on the market, lightyears ahead of the competition. A “rep” from Mixmeister said that Numark is in control of all updates now and that we should haggle them for an update via their Get Satisfaction forum.