As TweakUI is not for Windows Vista or 7, that meant having a look around to see what I could use instead to do the job. Added new icons and look. PROS Easy customization tool that can save you loads of time and clicks Includes a revert function to go back to the default configuration. Odd behaviour aside, it does seem to get the job done. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

melloware placesbar editor

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The first one is Melloware PlacesBar Editor, which on the face of it can do everything needed to change the shortcuts to your liking. Download Melloware PlacesBar Editor. Added FastMM memory manager to improve application performance. Tat2jr 7 years ago. Then there is the option to edit the Places bar through the Group Policy Editor, but again, meploware seems like a rather odd thing to have to do just to edit a couple of shortcuts.

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Melloware placesbar editor download

Win 7 does work but the windows border tends to go a bit awol. All of this is easy and can be done with total editod. This means that you’ll be able to access your folders in just one click, instead of having to browse the whole disk structure every time you want to open or save a file.

The program lets you choose system folders Desktop, My PC, My Documents and so on and also any other folder on your hard drive. When doing this, you’re normally taken to a dialogue box where you can choose the file or folder that’s requested.


You can select editkr system’s default folders, or any other folder on your hard drive. PROS Easy customization tool that can save you loads of time and clicks Includes a revert function to go back to the default configuration. This file will download from Places Bar Editor’s developer website.

And because of their age, they each have one or two little quirks.

3 Tools to Edit the Places Bar in Windows Vista and 7

Download and installation help. When I used Windows XP, the Places bar had been customised to make better use of those five shortcuts that are available making them a bit more useful to me. Upon successful actions, the utility reveals a popup message informing you about the current task. I went with MadDog, Melolware It also has the option to edit the Places bar for the Office file requester and add 5 more shortcuts to it as well.

melloware placesbar editor

December 10, Freeware. WinRAR The king of compressed files.

Places Bar Editor

Eventually, I came across a few small utilities which claim to do the job, although even the newest one is only frombut thought they were worth a try anyway. All three utilities will probably need administrator privileges so you may need to right-click on the icon and select Run as Administrator.

The borders around the window seem to go missing now and again in Win 7, and if you go back to the default Places layout, the tool itself defaults to five places with the desktop instead of the originals.


You are welcomed by a simple layout that includes only a few configuration parameters in the main window. All in all, PlacesBar Editor provides a straightforward software solution for helping you enhance the overall editog of your Windows operating system and Office app.

melloware placesbar editor

There are five folders that appear on the left side of this window that are apparently the most useful ones. You can click on them to go straight to their location.

Fixed problem with installer not installing on Windows Vista placebar not an admin Added manifest to allow the app to write to the registry in Windows Vista if the currently logged in user is not an admin.

melloware placesbar editor

Bluetooth Driver Installer A generic driver to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity. The only problem is, placdsbar utility used to do it was that indispensable little tool, TweakUI. Free Download for Windows. Your review for Melloware PlacesBar Editor.

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