Posted April 8, Yeah, I’m hoping for a longer release after the single too Sign In Sign Up. Waaaah I love this band. I had been listening to their songs and if I had to pick one it would be Messiah that’s a good one I think.

mejibray killing me mp3

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I am really curious how their new album turns out, since Tsuzuku told they put their hearts into it which will become one of their best work Their ,e lineup was: The A Priori – Shuuei – Decadence series would have made for a good album I think but they packaged all of their singles together in the SM album.

mejibray killing me mp3

Posted October 17, Honestly though I don’t think I could get tired of Tsuzuku, he’s taken some harmfully weak vocals from VanessA days which I knew there was something I np3 about at the time and developed a very unique and entertaining arsenal of sounds, it’s still hard to describe his voice as mw but it has kind of a delicate, vulnerable appeal to it. Anyways, I have no complaints really except that I hope they will release some even heavier stuff.


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mejibray killing me mp3

Join the conversation You can post now mekibray register later. Posted September 28, Insert image from URL. Posted April 7, Posted April 12, As much as I’ve seen ONLY displeasure for it, I also love his growling, it has a hollow, mechanical sound at it’s best.

Invisible Tower maker 9. Wrath of GOD 3.

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Posted April 5, It’s still my favorite song so that gave me a reason to get their new album next month! Posted September 8, I kinda casually liked VanessA’s music except for their last few releases which were terrible.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Yeah, I’m hoping for a longer release after the single too The preview sounds good!

mejibray killing me mp3

Enough picspam from me: Posted November 19, Reply to this topic Start new topic. I don’t like the vocalist.


For one time now it actually reads raven in english and I’m just not used to it. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted July 13, I’m really curious what their album songs will sound like, whether they’ll bring something new we haven’t heard from mp till now – for me they seem to be a very consistent sounding band or having a strong unifying sound.

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Waaaah I love this band. All their releases are great though. Posted April 6, You can post now and register later. To me they’re the best new VK band that’s around these days.