I Maurog wins thread? I do not like it personally like, they did not combine the best of RL and the best of adventure, but rather the worst. Some untraditional things are the saving-system. Use food to eat it, use a shovel to dig, use an oil flask to refuel your lamp, use key on door, and so on. It has amazing depth.

legerdemain roguelike

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Good to see this updated–my old version has pretty much broken!

That said, just because it is not a roguelike does not mean it is not an awesome game. A roguelike feeling is when you explore the world while taking risks robuelike your character, and this does not work for Legerdemain no permadeath and no random dungeons It is a problem even now, because if you get killed in a dungeon, it is boring to try the same dungeon again.

legerdemain roguelike

Paypal or a personal check would work. Please login via the login page while we fix the login bar! I’m pretty sure we already ranted and raved about this with Chronophase, didn’t we?

Legerdemain – A major roguelike, right?!

Legerdemain draws heavily upon interactive fiction and Roguelike games to provide an experience focusing on story and depth of play. I’ll revisit it some more when I have some more time. Psiweapon High Priest Posts: We welcome discussion of all subtypes of Roguelikes, including Action Roguelikes roguelites and procedural games with metaprogression. You are encouraged to learn more about the Traditional roguelikesand how they differ from often mislabeled modern games.


Temple of The Roguelike Forums. Legerdemain foguelike an epic adventure within the hallucinogenic realm of Phenomedom. November 21, I do not like it personally like, they did not combine the best of RL and the best of adventure, but rather the worst.

legerdemain roguelike

Javascript is disabled Remember me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Roguelikes could have a strong story, but it could affect replaying. It makes a huge difference when playing the game. November 23, Legerdemain An epic roguelike storytelling adventure.

I couldn’t imagine playing these games if I only saw ascii characters in front of me. Different terrain types being better for traveling, shelter, and hunting is a cool feature. Role PlayingInteractive Fiction. From Roguelike games we derive a top-down two-dimensional perspective and numerous strategic elements. I Maurog wins thread?


Find More Posts by skavenhorde. Omnivorous on November 20, I ranted to Nathan a bit during roguepike beta stage about why the Boogadah were genius and Orcs were a terrible idea, but I think I might have been a lobbying group of one Oh, I didn’t realise that’s what you meant.


I haven’t got my cluebook in the mail yet, but from rotuelike, I read it’s a great read. Since you cant play a quick random game, it does not have the roguelike appeal, although it looks and smells like a roguelike, I don’t get the warm fuzzy roguelike feel.

legerdemain roguelike

Too bad the story limits it somehow, since there is less randomness… Like Like. It’s also possible that I might be able to use Wine to run the.

You can already see that in games like ADOM where leterdemain first steps are always the same maybe later also, I never went far in that game.