Now priority has shifted to Eve Prol A02 and A Still looking for the menu scripts… Shit, I’m pretty sure they’re only in arm9. Screenshots Your offering Well.. Do you already have an account? Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

kumatanchi english patch

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DS needs more detailed games like this. I’ll be living here for a while, so please take care of me.

Kumatanchi – Japanese to English Translation

I see, it ignores the character widths. Share with your Friends: I wasn’t planning on playing this game anytime soon, but I’ve actually been playing it a few times now after the 2nd patch was uncovered again, it’s simplicity and addictiveness truly works. For starters, share this page with your friends. People aren’t even reading the thread and don’t even post requests properly. No, create an account now.

Basically, the engllish and selection screens are the problems.

Trails from Zero fan-translation has been completed, patch release coming soon CharySep 22,in forum: Check out the dress up contests and learn about the themes. Or, you can help rip the games text by reading the How To Rip Text page. Along with the main adventure, there’s also 71 mission-based side quests to contend with. ThoD Oct 3, Last edited by FluffybuttSep 16, I would like the one responsible for the project to PM me I want to discuss some things.


WSun85 WSun85 Topic Creator 10 years ago 5 I skipped over the first conversation with Saru-ji because my friend wasn’t available and my Kuma-tan was starving. Don’t call me homeless! They’re usually the ones who know how to take full control of each handheld or vgconsole’s potential I mean for graphics, gameplay replay value, etc.

Log in or Sign up. If you can’t get a hold of me here, on my newly created account, then you can contact me on the wiki. It’s in multiple files, files, even. However, there seems to be problems re-inserting it, supposedly concerning the size of the speech bubbles and font issues.

Kumatanchi translation

Those working on it don’t consider the text used in the game to be too complicated, but already there’s a few discrepancies in what’s translated pacth far between the couple of translators they do have. Vulpes Abnocto Mar 26, The lines you draw can be pulled on like elastic to give Ivy a boosted ‘jump’ in the opposite direction to which you pull it.


I guess I could help with translation, but kinda busy with other projects already so yeah. Aug 9, Athens.

kumatanchi english patch

Kumatanchi RidillSep 24,in forum: Almost done, let’s finish it! Uh, Nahuel, you do realize pattch is a thread to request that people make a homebrew translation patch of the games brought up, right?

Submitted for translation by girobusan 8 years, 9 months ago. See you around, Kuma-tan! You can help us out by submitting a description for this title.

kumatanchi english patch

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