While configuring the services as above, instsvc automatically grants the Windows operating system privilege named “Log on as a Service” to the specified user. Specifying an Instance Name Starting with Firebird 2. Superserver and auto-startup are now the default. A friend of me where i need the broadcaster for tried it but even he dident know how to use it. Instsvc is silent about it unless it fails. It is only usable if you run Firebird as application and not as service. This means people using a non-English Windows will get Windows system error messages in their language with correct accents and so on.

instsvc.exe firebird

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What is the Firebird Guardian? So even this is not working for me. Becaus i need to use firebird for the DJ work i am going to do. Instsvc is silent about it unless it fails.

Firebird: Firebird

The default is “DefaultInstance”. This will install the Firebird together or without the Guardian service.

instsvc.exe firebird

Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 Bit. That works without any problem. Instwvc.exe that the Firebird service s must be stopped before being removed. I fixed all other errors finaly but now i am strugaling already for 4 hours with this one.


Google [Bot] and 14 guests. For security reasons, iinstsvc.exe access to firebird. And is the same system setup. Starting with Firebird 2. Why don’t you just use MySQL? By using and further navigating this website you accept our policy. Console messages Output of Windows error messages if any has been enhanced so that any required transliteration of ansi strings to the OEM charset of the console window is done.

What is the Firebird Guardian?

Because its task is to deduce the RootDirectory path as the directory immediately above its own location and to write this to the Registry as an absolute path, instreg. Specifies the instance name for the Service default is “DefaultInstance” to use. To use the secure login feature Option “-login” requires a username and a password: With no prefix, the user is implicitly a local user on inatsvc.exe current machine.

To ensure quality, each change is checked by our editors and often tested on live Firebird databasesbefore it enters the main FAQ database.

instsvc.exe firebird

What to do with this error? This could be automated with 3 lines of code but it is better to leave it as is for safety. I hope i can find my solution here.

Just send me a private message and we’ll find a suitable time.


Download Firebird SQL Server

The user will not be able to uninstall the service s nor change their configuration. This is necessary to enable the Guardian also running as this user to start the Firebird server. In the above examples, “user” might take the form of:. SAM will always try to install firebird regardless of whether you already installed it yourself.

Use together with install, start, stop, remove. I followed every step of the tutorial you give me. Instsv.exe i dont know what i have to download, and what setting if have to chooce in the installation. The user will not be able to uninstall the service s nor change their configuration. This ‘DefaultInstance’ string value contains the full path backslash terminated to the root directory of the installation.

For example, that’s the only way on Windows To solve any potential issues with long paths containing spaces or special non ascii characters, these tools no longer take the RootDirectory as a command-line argument.