On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Full Cast and Crew. Inside Hana’s Suitcase Apr 17, Full Review…. Start your free trial. Yet at the same time, it takes a global scale when Hana’s story travels beyond the Brady’s home in the Czech Republic to Japan to Canada and all across Europe. As heartfelt as this documentary is, I think I might not exactly be the right audience for it, as it seems aimed mostly to children, who mostly narrate, in order to teach them about tolerance and the Holocaust, bringing it to a level they can understand without scarring them for life.

inside hanas suitcase

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The message comes through loud and clear: Weekend Box Office Results: Nov 6, Rating: It’s a tragic story, to be sure, but it’s full of hope and loving memory.

inside hanas suitcase

Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows Weinstein displays considerable flair, both with image and sound, producing a document to the Brady family that has true universality. Get a high-speed look at the latest trailers from El Camino: Nov 10, Rating: Search for ” Inside Hana’s Suitcase ” on Amazon. And so your comments are very much appreciated. A superb musical score by Alexina Louie and Alex Pauk, coupled with dramatic reenactments stunningly shot by Horst Zeidler, catches us by the heart to invoke the tragedy of the times.


Inside Hana’s Suitcase () – Rotten Tomatoes

See all Audience reviews. What really made this film come alive for me was that after the screening, Larry Weinstein, the director, introduced us to George and his daughter, who had attended the premiere.

The stories of Hana, killed in Auschwitz as a girl, and her brother George are intertwined with that of Fumiko Ishioka, a Japanese school teacher who comes suitcsse possess Hana’s suitcase.

Karel Brady Peter Poldauf Some family photographs are used, as well as some recreated scenes of family life using actors, but filmed in black and white – giving the appropriate feel to the scenes. Very few people have seen this film, so the audience reaction in Victoria was very meaningful to me as was the documentary award that it won there.

Inside Hana’s Suitcase

Log in with Facebook. One of them is a suitcase once belonging to Hana Brady who was 11 when she was sent to a concentration camp. What always feels genuine, movingly so, are the faces of the school children caught up in their account of the unforgotten past.

Driven by curiosity, she not only discovers Hana’s fate, but also that of George’s, who lives in Toronto. When I heard about this movie, banas gut reaction was “another Holocaust movie? The film’s plot unfolds as told through contemporary young storytellers who act as the omniscient narrators. Becoming intrigued by the little girl about whom she knew nothing, she did painstaking research and discovered that George had survived and was living in Toronto.


A documentary saga of heartbreaking concentration-camp horrors, Inside Hana’s Suitcase attempts to preserve Holocaust memories through frustratingly fractured means. More Top Movies Trailers.

inside hanas suitcase

Because Hana’s story is only one of millions. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. I must admit, seeing him there after being given such a penetrating look into his suffering and his family, I broke down in tears, like many others.

Was this review helpful to you? Aug 22, Full Review…. Canada Czech Republic Germany. I appreciated that this was different, though. A Very Brady Renovation.

Marketa Brady Radek Koula Director Larry Weinstein uses a variety of approaches in this film. There are also many shots of talks with children suuitcase read the book, who speak about what they’ve learned about Hana.