Hi mate, I just found your video and I would really appreciate to try out your patch.. Either way, nice work Mr. Akai ableton Ableton creative Ableton effects Ableton Live Ableton live help ableton live tips ableton live training ableton live tutorial ableton live workflow ableton tutorial external controller ableton how to use ableton how to use ableton live external controller DJ Controller midi controller ableton external controllers. Hi, I also have max for live. Gates, again it’s more a difference in philosophies.

ill gates apc40 template

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Hey, Would like to give it a go. Rise Of The Synth: Rory Dow on Nov 02, in Audio Hardware 0 comments.

ill gates apc40 template

Other than that I’d say experiment with mapping any buttons you don’t use while DJing to an effect or something on one deck or the other. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Users browsing this forum: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. I look forward to your feedback!

Can you send me the patches? I have all the knobs on the left of the APC mapped to EQ and effects for the left Deck A, and all the knobs on the right are for the right deck.


Hi, you can send me your step sequencer template? This looks fabulous, and kudos on the locked presentation, so pretty!

The pheleleh tune I have never heard before and I did like it but its very simple and I could quickly recreate it. There’s also a bunch of pre-made DJ templates out there, like ill. Thumbs up for the great work!

DJ Template Suite

We do not accept any responsibility for the content, submissions, information or links contained herein. I am super impressed by the quality but unfortunately my lappy cannot run the APC40 template for any extended period of time without CPU usage blowing up on me, even with my buffer as high as it will go.

ill gates apc40 template

The buffers are all synced to the sequencer, so recording and playback gahes all in time. I have emailed it to you today and hope you enjoy it. Excellent… would love to have a copy of the patch. Any help will be appreciated! Secondly, after being featured on the http: The 40 template is basically identical to the 80 template, except you don’t get the extra tracks having the APC20 gives you obviously.


Making your own MIDI remote scripts is only for the headstrong. Mr Bill Tom Cosm carillon audio There are many more out there, google will know templatd. Wait I don’t even like him anymore LOL. Users posting content here, do so completely at their own risk. Hello, really loved the max patch — tates you managed to try it in max4live as yet?

– APC40 DJ Template Tutorial | Music Production | Youtube, Templates, Music

Hey could you email me the patch? Would love to try it… Cheers H.

ill gates apc40 template

Could you send me the patch please? Quick Link to Feedback Forum. I was thinking about learning how to set everything up so I can do a simple set to help him out, and was wondering if its really worth it to buy gates’ template or is a self-binded template just as effective?