Just wanted to follow up with an email about how I am doing with trading, obviously my trading room membership has ran out and i will surely be back because my performance has been amazing! The disks are well structured and follow a logical order to build knowledge and learn the right set-ups to execute. If you are looking for a great budget charting package that offers some great functionality for a fraction of the price that you many of the professional packages cost, Tradingview may be for you. I had a couple of false starts with other educators, from the minute you join Ezeetrader you know you are getting a proper education. There are so many out there and at such varying costs that it is difficult to know who to turn to and who is trustworthy.


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It was a result of the very first live trade-off at the show that the BBC heard about.

The trading room is a great place to learn from them, and to talk to other traders in the same situation as yourself. Whats covered in the course? You can set orders for entry, exits and stops and pretty much ezeetrder it alone. This is the key to learning to trade. He competed at international level and always said the discipline of practising a martial art helped with his discipline in trading.

Of course you can just opt to take ezeetrrader material or purchase one of our add-on options.


We appreciate your privacy, thus we never share your details with any third parties. I had some amazing 1: Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Day Trading Room and seeing Kym and Charlie in action every day. DST Swing strategy Ezeftrader here to find out more.


I have always struggled ezeettader the idea of multiple time frame analysis and the concept of entering a trade while the market is moving away from my target has never sat comfortably in my mind. This is invaluable, because what really matters is learning how to respond to the markets real-time in order to sharpen your edge and decide which strategy ezfetrader apply from the disks — all this helps increase confidence and the win-rate.

They are not meant as tipping rooms although we call some of our trades as we take them and give full explanation as to the reasoning behind them. Is this for you? The number one most important part of trading.


The day trading room. I love the fact I can pause go back and check my charts, review individual segments multiple times, very helpful. This soon became a monthly newsletter which we sold for many years under our own name and in various white label formats. I have been using the information for the past couple of months and because you keep to structure and build the training, segment by segment I can report my account is climbing.

I cannot recommend Ezeetrader highly enough. The room is operated from around How we developed Having decided to become full time traders, it soon dawned on us that it could eseetrader very boring just sitting at home waiting for the next trade.

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Rather than just providing courses, we offer clients the option to trade alongside us in our on-line trading room or via one of our Apps. Should you wish to contact them for further information our contact there is Darren Spicer, his email address is darren. We focus predominantly on trading the foreign exchange markets although our strategies work equally well on the Indices and commodity markets.


We have just started the launch of our App which allows our members to follow our trades and comments on the move. Our day trading course includes 6 months membership of our ezertrader trading room.

Kym is based in Hanslope in Buckinghamshire. You can use the basic version for free but it does come with ads. I cannot recommend Ezeetrader highly enough. Initially we have our swing room trades but we will be adding our intra-day trades in due course. Ironically, the original trade-off they filmed never made it to the final cut, they seemed more interested in having film of him washing his Porsche!


EzeeTrader App Click here to find out more. So a massive thank you to Charlie for this amazing product and I aim to continue these successes!

We would recommend that you opt for the support package which includes weekly webinars recorded if you can not attend. It was Charlie and Kym who persevered with trading after the others stopped and the rest is history….