Allowing people to register for events right there on your website can greatly boost attendance. The other thing that you could look into would be displaying all the events in a list, this is something Event Espresso does out of the box where no custom development would be needed. It supports event and booking management, recurring events, locations and more. It may be possible for one of our pro-developers to customize the calendar to look like the example you presented. You can easily tailor the design of event listings to your current theme. Events Manager has a free version that gives you a lot of functionality. Creating multiple coupons for various events would enable you to manage a full-blown coupon campaign.

eventure themeforest

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Manage Events Like A Pro With WordPress

You might not need all of these, but looking at them is useful when planning your system. Thanks for the reply!

eventure themeforest

Of the three, Event Espresso is the clear winner. June 13, at 1: If I hire someone to customize EE, do you think the final calendar could look like the Eventure calendar where all dates are on one page in a calendar format? Hi Adam, With current code evennture have from Eventure theme, I think its already show all events by month, Could you use it inside one of your template file?

Whichever solution you choose, you will have to put in a few hours of work to make your website work well and look good. Controlling the information to gather from registrants is key to finding sponsors and making the lives of users easier. Being able to control this on an themeforesf basis would be best.


Another way to persuade visitors to register is to offer different price options, such as early-bird pricing, student discounts, last-minute offers and so on. There are no plugins or add-ons here which could be a good thingbut the higher price and losing access to updates after a year seems a bit cheeky at this price point.

Have a look at the partial solutions below. Some free add-ons are for payment gateways, social media and calendars.

eventure themeforest

Were the price not so different, it would be a matter of preference, but because Events Manager costs a lot more than Events Planner, I would not recommend this solution. It has permission settings, permalink settings, importing and exporting options and even venue support. Creating multiple coupons for various events would enable themefirest to manage a full-blown coupon campaign. In addition, it has an admin calendar view that gives you a useful overview of your events.

All-in-One Event Calendar creates a new post type for your events, allowing you to keep blog posts and events side by side. Events Manager is very similar to Events Planner in many ways.

Eventure — Events Theme for WordPress | THE MOLITOR

It supports event and booking themsforest, recurring events, locations and more. Being able to add the names, descriptions and logos of sponsors for an event would be handy. It’s the section under ‘Calendar’ I want. Add New Note to this Reply. No matter which route you take, you will need to do some work to make things fit perfectly, but some premium themes out there will shorten this process.


Being able to tailor the language of these to your style evenfure be themeforst nice feature. Settings for creating an events themecorest page, changing currencies, setting time zones and so on are all part of a complete system. They often require you to add their logo in various places. It supports event categories, tags and a few other options. Some events require less information from users, others more. The ability to accept payments online breaks down another barrier between your events and potential attendees.

It enables you to set up multiple forms of payment, multiple event dates and times, multiple prices, discounts, promotions couponslocations even virtual ones and emails. Ok, Please try this code: On-site notifications are shown to users once they perform specific actions.

Apart from offering more functionality, they will also ease your transition if you need the full-blown system later on. You can view our showcase for examples of sites that have used Event Espresso.