I prfre my jp 6. I don’t know why the world works this way, but it seems that everyone jumps on the bandwagon like sheeple. This standalone, cross-platform application allows mastering engineers to provide complete evaluation masters to artists. Yamaha synthesizers Polyphonic synthesizers Analog synthesizers. Although the CS is not a “true modular”, the possibilities of sound are amazing Moving through patches is fairly easy, but again, there are so many knobs that it will take some time to really get a grasp of this unit. I don’t own this software, so I wouldn’t be able to speak about the installation process.

cs-80v presets

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Cs-80f love the fact that it has never had any compatibility problems, has great sounds I don’t know exactly what an original CS sounds like and has some killer pads I love pads! Bugs, bugs and presetts Think spooky John Carpenter soundtracks or early Depeche Mode-colder, more aggressive textures. SoftwareVirtual Instruments Arturia: I wish Arturia would get hip to iLok. I guess so; a little digging in the manual and on their website reveals detailed explanations of how TAE oscillators produce “dynamically generated” waveforms in contrast to sampled or wavetable-based digital synths, which among other things nullifies aliasing in high frequencies.

cs-80v presets

Sort by most recent most useful. Also note that this is a CPU-intensive plug-in, but not unreasonably so. The VCO also have t amliors. I soon started playing with a couple of new features added to the original CS feature set. It preseys sounds huge and has so much tonal potential it’s just ridiculous. The highs are pleasant and so smooth. Click on the link then click on the download icon on the upper right.


I don’t know why the world works this way, but it seems that everyone jumps on the bandwagon like sheeple.

I haven’t delved into the CSV as much as is possible at all, but I’ve used it enough I think to get a good feel of the different sounds possible here, which are certainly vast. Retrieved from ” https: The sort of brilliant patch that just makes people begging for a CSV.

CSV Presets Zone

Not satisfied with those reviews? The last day is finally set to delete a number of ce-80v and other software incompatibilities. He praised the instrument for its capabilities, describing it as “the most important synthesizer in my career — and for me the best analogue synthesizer design there has ever been.

cs-80v presets

Nothing digital can never replace the original CS80, but considering the price to RL Music and the difficulty to find one, let alone the weight and takes the place has, I could you advise the CS80V.

I don’t own this software, so I wouldn’t be cs–80v to speak about the installation process. To report a bug that does not now record their own patches.


The sound is brilliant and any lack of punch, so if you hack the prrsets always found the sounds of Greek musician.

Yamaha CS-80

A synthesizer is to create these own presets and thus to invent and not copied. CSV, Virtual subtractive synth from Arturia. We talk too much here Vangelis. I’ve made some cool percussion and drum sounds using hybrid mode that are either brilliant or cheesy-I can’t decide which.

In any case, the 1. Hi mstaicu, here you go, see if this works for you: Views Read Edit View history. Switching to the Prophet-VS transforms the synth into a presfts ’80s digital monster.

The multi mode and modulation matrix are particularly cool, allowing you to play and layer several sounds simultaneously, plus route the synth prsets to a variety of parameters.

Very tweakable if that’s what you’re into. And good luck even finding a Prophet The Prophet-5 sounds amazing, and all of the presets are well-designed and flexibly varied.