We received the font. Three different start characters are used in Code barcodes to tell the barcode reader, which character set is being used. Nevertheless, they are not usually used because the Code symbology MOD check digit is commonly displayed in the result. Mac systems should print the Code barcode font from Unicode locations if possible because the extended characters map to different character than what is displayed on the “Char” column in Mac Roman encoding. Page 1 of 2.


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Hello, Thanks for your reply and time to look into this issue. Code Fonts “Character set B” text below the barcode: The character’s glyph is not defined by CodebWinLarge.

Thanks for the reply. That inconsistence results some double byte sequences are interpreted wrong way as Chinese glyphs, not present in the TTF font file. My understanding is that the barcode code128nwinlarge our example is UTF-8 encoded.


Because each single font may be printed at various point sizes, there are several combinations of heights and widths that may be produced. Four digits must be entered with the keypad only.

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Hello Support Team, Thanks for sharing your findings. MSI installation would be “C: The last characters in the Code barcode font name determine the height of the barcode with the shortest being “XXS” and the tallest being “XXL”.


Code Barcode Fonts encode numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase text as well as functions such as code128bwwinlarge and tabs. In any case, what does not seem to be clear in your explanation of the solution is the problem itself. Eighteen different versions of the Code barcode fonts are provided to support human readable versions and different width and height requirements.

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The check character is positioned after the data characters and just before the stop character. IDAutomation’s Code barcode fonts have been specially designed to be able to produce dependable barcodes when printed at large and small point sizes.

Therefore, to print the data ” ” as a barcode, you would need to type: The XXS size is not available in the human readable versions because of size limitations. All Code barcode fonts require a start character, checksum character, and a stop character to create readable barcodes. Although character set B can encode text and numbers, it may be necessary to switch to set A to encode a function such as a tab or carriage return. To print at a different height, find the font that has the height closest to what is needed and use the following formula to find the point size that is needed: MSI as an archive.

Human readable versions are often used for testing purposes or when it is not a problem to have the symbology check digit displayed. After I removed all content after the barcode data, it started to work correctly.

If compatibility is necessary with any operating system, code page and locale, IDAutomation offers the Universal Barcode Font Package which creates Code and many other barcode types from a single font. I believe the HEX character you mention Hex: First, interleave the numbers into pairs and then choose the appropriate character that represents the number pair from the Code Character Set.



Clde128bwinlarge have sent the font file to the PD4ML support e-mail address as requested. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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See, for example the “Encodings” section in the following webpage for the Unicode character 0x the barcode STOP character: The character set provides easy methods of encoding functions in barcodes such as returns and tabs. To determine the value of the check character:.

As I see, it is not accepteble by you. The following table is an example of how to obtain the check character for ” ” using Code character set C:. Nevertheless, they are not usually used because the Code symbology MOD check digit is commonly displayed in the result.

Could you please just send the TTF to support cde128bwinlarge com?