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Also to virginize a Wii: I’m going to add a lot more homebrew applications for the computer and the Wii today, so look for minor updates. This is a first for the Wii to be able to do so.

Nintendo wii wad installing help!!

Check the news forum. MartinAugustssonJan 17,in forum: Log in or Sign rwv. It’s good to finally see a new release of cMIOS. Answer Questions Is there something I can do so the wii system will still say ” you haven t missed a day in 12 weeks” when I return from break?

Question about installing a WAD on my Wii?

Gale of Darkness PAL: This process does not involve any system-critical rdv of the system, and is completely safe. No one knows what the new functions are. Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher v Wii Un-modding Guide DarkCorps v1. Going to test Pokemon XD: I don’t really want to play burnt games or watch movies on my wii, just emulators and such.


cMIOS rev5 out now

Imagine a little wa from the SD Gecko to a nearby hard drive. The top one is for power. Next version will use p 2 You need an original disk but I found that it can be also a Wii original disk.

Do you already have an account? What this program does is basically mod your Wii for you completely.

Wii’s date isn’t read by MIOS either. Sep 12, Ontario.

SD-boot tutorial for Wii – gc-forever – Gamecube/Wii Forums

Sep 15, Know Where. WiiFlow seems to be my fave loader. If you DO have 4. Didn’t play long gev to test the dungeon map functionality. Awesome, big thanks Waninkoko. Can anyone help on how to install them, I can’t find any tuts using wiimod. Would anything happen if you were to press and hold the power and the A buttons on either the Nintendo Wii U or Switch?

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Arecaidian Fox Dec 2, Share This Page Tweet. If it freezes, then you need to do a further soft-mod or try a different IOS to use, though I suggest rve doing that.