Oct 29, 61 ProtonVPN. AppDelete 6, iTrash 5. Once you click Delete it’s final. AppDelete may not be able to find every Google app related file, but it comes close. Dear Liselotte, AppDelete will be continued. It is free though. I’m really pleased to hear you shared that info about hidden folders for app files.

chronosync 4.2.2

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Assistants guide you through the process of configuring a synchronizer task to achieve a specific goal. Hi, Picon, this is Hans, the successor of Reggie. You may, for example, want to backup many different folders throughout your hard drive or perhaps backup one folder but not backup some of the folders contained within it.

Been a customer since the beginning. I used FindAnyFile and discovered some folders where developers of other uninstaller apps don’t go. If you want to maintain a clean system, you definitely need such tool.

chronosync 4.2.2

Hence, hcronosync has just put out Version 4. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Multiple tasks can also be combined in a single task container and behave like a single task — the possibilities are truly limitless.


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Can some kind soul check Final Cut Pro X? Hi, Sylvain, kindly write me direct at hans reggieashworth.

Thanks and I kinda avoid this for security reasons but I can look into it Holding option while clicking the maximize button makes the window expand to fill my screen chfonosync, but not vertically.

The broad scope approach targets a a very large set of files and folders to synchronize or backup. I also can’t stretch the window in Orphans mode.

If Delete has not yet been chosen and Cancel is pressed on the main window the entire operation is cancelled I wonder if this happened too, but his Facebook, Twitter and website are still up. If you would email me via my site www. Can you please contact me via my site regarding the Genius issue so we can work on some specifics? I think that Reggie may have had a tragic accident in late May May Does a thorough job quickly and quietly, and has so for years.

Hcronosync why is there a Lego piece stuck at the bottom?


chronosync 4.2.2

You can do the same for your “Inactive Projects. This is a really convenient and clean way to keep track of multiple tasks. I just used EasyFind to make sure there were no traces of Barsoom on my computer. Hope that helps thanks!

chronosync 4.2.2

Found leftovers of less intrusive apps in ‘ApplicationSupport’, ‘LaunchAgents’. Translated from Italian to English: Check out the following guides chronnosync give examples of various ways to narrow the scope of your synchronization:.

Other functions seem to work. Reggie was one of my favourite independent developers. A few samples of my tests: After “clean sweep” deletes from AppDelete and a new install for both of them, everything’s ok again.


Just reading this now. Please update the WiKi post. Select the Pictures folder as your source target and create the following two “Intermediate” rules below and connect them with “Or”.