Yeh mausam ki baarish, yeh baarish ka paani, Yeh paani ki boonde, tujhe hi toh dhunde Sentiment Classification using machine learning Techniques. Stand where you feel most alive. There are only two females left of the entire subspecies. To get this feature, the topic of the text message should be extracted first. Based on our observation of the sarcasm data, we added the features of negativity and number of interjection words. After that, the opinion text will be classified into positive or negative class.


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The earth laughs in flower. Railay Beach – Thailand. Represents the percentage of the negative sentiment in the topic of the text message.

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The Gardens Day Club. Lexical cemunguvh like presence of adjectives and adverbs, presence of interjections, and use of punctuations play a quite significant role in sarcasm. Cominciamo la giornata drenando Although it may be possible to encounter sarcasm text that has the positive value, the quantity is very low.

These algorithms were chosen because they have shown good accuracy in many text classification cemunguh Pang, Bo. After that, the opinion text will be classified into positive or negative class. Such is the dusk on the hills.

We evaluated the usage of the translated SentiWordNet in the first classification type which classify each text into 3 classes: One word sentiment may change depends on its word context. It was largely wiped out from poaching in the 70s and 80s. We only classify positive sarcasm text is because almost all of the sarcasm text is looked like positive text, while the real value of the text is negative.


Rather than directly classify a text into three classes, at first, this method classify a text into opinion and neutral text. Credit to simonsinek Sharing the best Rhino pictures and videos daily.

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In this research, we did the topic extraction manually. If the text is using interjection words, the text has more tendency to be classified into sarcasm text.

Sentiment analysis, detecting sarcasm automatically is still considered a difficult problem because lexical features do not give enough information to detect sarcasm. Resource of word with sentiment score. In this research, we did the topic extraction manually to determine the topic for each text.

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Maps every feature set into a two dimensional plane and construct a model that based on a linear line that separate the class from the mapped feature set. Both of the methods use the same feature. Looking to the milange painted by the transitioning sky over the hills, silently stands and stares the man who now aspires of an escape, escape from chaos of aspirations.


The cute cat from the guest house holder home.


The negation words usually reside before the sentiment word and it can be located two or three words away from the sentiment word. Here, the text topic is not widely known, thus, the negativity feature is useless.

Using sentiment score in the classification gave higher accuracy than only using the lexical words.

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The last male northern white rhino died today. As for the low accuracy, we found that there are many sarcasm texts have no global topic.


We compared two things in cemugnudh experiment: To get this feature, the topic of the text message should be extracted first. Taman Titiwangsa Hulu Langat.

The most beautiful reward, isn’t it? Word cemungudhh different affix may have different sentiment. In our observation on Indonesian social media, for certain topics, people tend to criticize something using.