This pice is standard in this version of ASProtect and this is place where ASProtect is stealing bytes but later about that. It returns you to VideoCap. Well, I had some sucsess ;- 1. You also know that packers unpacking program in memory and then execute it right from that OEP. I usually just run first time app in Olly just to see will I get that message “Debugger detected Aaron’s homepage – Top. Yep, that opcode pushes false OEP address!

asprotect 1.23 rc4

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Wednesday, April 13 Continue with F7 and you’ll find one more jump that is doing 123 thing: I press first until bp 15 times and after 16 and then program has started. HTTP connection will be closed soon. Trace further until you reach here: After unpacking program in memory it executes those couple instructions that should be in original program within it self code and then continue to run original program from that address after that zeroes.


What is this thing with false-real OEP and stolen bytes? Well, I had some sucsess ;- 1.

asprotect 1.23 rc4

Poor tut is here. Now, I’m gonna tell you something from my experience.

Is it possible to unpack ASProtect RC4 Registered packing software? – Exetools

The time now is Look where jumps are throwing you and you’ll see that loot of asorotect has no purpose at all – they throw you at the same place where you going to pass when they don’t execute. The challenge is yours. Rcvd 6 Times in 1 Post Thanks Given: Another program packed with “ASProtect 1.

Use some debugger to find out what is hidding inside. Problem solved to hosiminh: Yep, that opcode pushes false OEP address!

Trace through with F7 and you will keep finding byte by asprtoect.

asprotect 1.23 rc4

Rigt click on that 01 byte in dump and chose “Bynary – Fill with 00’s”. This site is not responsible for what they say. Find all posts by peleon.

That first line is OEP. Sign up as a New User. KaGra on Thursday, April 14 IsDebuggerPresent, right click and “Toggle brakpoint”.

  AJAXMINTASK.DLL DOWNLOAD FREE sframe + ASProtect 1.23 RC4 – + GG

False is at the F4C3 and real is at the F address! We have reall boring job now – we must trace with F7 to see what code is doing.

asprotect 1.23 rc4

Now you can trace further with F7 if you want to see what is doing here – nothing special or put bp on this new RETN and start target. Download Hall Of Fame. That byte is confirmation that debuger is present and you need set it on zero.

Find all posts by hosiminh. So I started to digging and pasing through ASPr code just to tray figure something myself. Buah, our target is using that check. User Name Remember Me?

Some protected programs use that option and some doesn’t which depends of app autor.