Cons There are better-sounding alternatives out there. At various points in the arrangement , the Formant Only Freeze function turn the harmony voices into wordless backup parts. I consent to data collection by Antares. Image 5 of 5 Add some heat to your tracks with Warm. Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, whispering voices, and a wide range of special effects. It’s not very good at natural alterations, but we assume that it’s not meant to be!

antares avox 2

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About Artists Press Contact. It’s not very good at natural alterations, but we assume that it’s not meant to be!

Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, whispering voices, and a wide range of special effects. This seems to push the voice forcibly through time and space until it gets to the point where it sounds entirely robotic.

antares avox 2

Aspire operates solely on the breathy element of a voice, without affecting harmonics in any way. Getting hold of antarse lot in one bundle is appealing, so if you’re not already sorted for this kind of thing, Avox 2 is a great buy, albeit a moderately pricey one. Two vocal parts, each with Harmony Engine Evo.

Antares Avox 2 review

All at a substantial savings over purchasing the plug-ins separately. Cons There are better-sounding alternatives out there. They’re certainly all very intuitive, and there aren’t any duffers, as far as we’re concerned.


The world’s first tool for modifying a voice’s breathiness independently of its harmonic content. We’d certainly describe it as a pleasing sound, if not quite the antards as recording separate takes.

AVOX 4 | The Ultimate Vocal Production Plug-In Bundle from Antares

Can sound unnatural if not used subtly. Subtly or radically re-sculpt vocal characteristics with a meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract.

antares avox 2

Yet another variety of Mutation with Dialect set to a much longer period, moving fully into the land of the weird. You can use it as a noise removal tool, angares to increase the breathiness of a vocal take.

Duo antare a copy of the input vocal and uses variations in timbre, vibrato, pitch, timing and panning to create the impression of a double-tracked recording. You can’t push it too far or the voice will sound false, but sometimes that might be appropriate.

When loud peak transients pass through such gear, they’re distorted in a way that most people find pleasing to the ear. Physical Modeling Vocal Designer. Upgrades to AVOX 4. The Antares Vocal Toolkit. Punch is a lot like a limiter in operation, but the results sound similar antwres gentle compression.

Antares Avox 2 review | MusicRadar

Choir works in a similar manner, generating four, eight, 16 or 32 additional virtual voices, providing the same variations as Duo. Another variety of Mutation and Dialect set to a shorter period, allowing more recognizable bits of the original phrase to come though. Duo and Choir are also retained from the original set. Articulator operates like a vocoder, requiring two inputs to work to its full extent: Upgrades to AVOX 4 are available from the following products: Create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production.


Again, the results are pretty good when used in moderation. What’s really special about Warm is that the sound is exceptionally accurate when compared to that of real vintage equipment.

This provides ring modulation effects, with the interesting twist that the pitch of the signal tracks antarres of the input.

antares avox 2

What’s more, it has an extremely low CPU overhead and, as Antares suggests, you could quite comfortably run an antaes on every channel in your mix, even with a modest system. You can use Harmony Engine to build complex harmonic arrangements, employing up to four virtual voices on top of the original source.