When creating your own tests, remember that Unit Tests will not depend on any other services, including a running repository, whereas Integration Tests will run after the embedded Tomcat server starts up and deploys your modules. This will create a new project directory with the same name as artifactId. If you want to verify that you can log in, go to the Alfresco web script console, which is:. Make sure the checkbox next to the project name is checked, then click Next. Its Maven support seems to be more seamless than what is currently in Eclipse. You should check this entire project, starting with the “maven-sdk-tutorial” directory, into source code control.

alfresco 4.2 sdk

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Create an empty directory. The artifactId can be thought of as the project name. According to compatibility matrix Alfresco 4.

Maven Alfresco SDK Quick Start

Now dsk you run mvn install you’ll see that an AMP gets produced in the platform and share target directories. With a single command it is possible to build and run an instance of your Alfresco project on an application server.

alfresco 4.2 sdk

For now, let’s assume you want to create something that you will deploy to the Alfresco repository tier such as a custom content model, some custom alrfesco actions, a new set of web scripts, or some Activiti business 44.2. Switch to using Alfresco version 4. I’ll leave you to explore those on your own.


Your repository tier project will start on port while your Share tier project will start on port Thanks for the great work! There are six available:. If you want to change something you can specify “N” and then make changes or you can enter “Y” to continue. The nice thing about using one of these tier-specific archetypes is that it is a smaller, more simplified project structure.

In older versions of the SDK, there used to be a “purge” profile that would do that for you, but it hasn’t made dsk back in yet. You’re basically selecting from a library of template alfressco.

You don’t need to know much about Maven, Alfresco, or why this SDK exists before jumping in but it kind of helps set the scene, so let me take you through those three concepts quickly. Could you provide a copy of your pom?

Alfresco SDK Beta User Guide | Alfresco Community

The Alfresco version by default will be the most recent version, but you can select another alresco version if required. The next time you create a project using the archetype, it will be a few less steps because you won’t have to add the catalog. Is there any problem building an amp with 3. Let’s create a new project. The new content appears to not get indexed as well.


Alfresco SDK 3.0 Beta User Guide

You can modify your pom. I’m going to specify “maven-sdk-tutorial” for mine followed by enter. At this point Maven will show you the values you entered plus some others that were defaulted and ask you to confirm your choices.

It doesn’t really matter. When you created the project from the all-in-one archetype, you ended up with a project called “maven-sdk-tutorial” that has three modules:. Instead, we want to choose “alfresco-allinone-archetype” so type 2 and hit enter. View December 4, Hi Ole, using the suggested archetype catalog ddk build my alfresco-amp project this error occurs:. Sign up or log in Sign up alfreeco Google. Next up, you’ll learn about working with your new project sdi an IDE and you’ll get a tour of the default project structure.

Maven can then retrieve and cache those dependencies for you.

You should check this entire project, starting with the “maven-sdk-tutorial” directory, into source code control. Although it isn’t required, most people prefer to work in an IDE when developing Alfresco customizations.

Now let’s create a new project.

alfresco 4.2 sdk