It is constantly updated. If you are considering a time and project management program, this is the ONE to choose. The good thing about actiTIME is that you can start tomorrow and don’t need days of training ship. Engineer’s could able to submit their time sheet from job site through their mobile. Showing Most Helpful Showing 50 of reviews. Ensure a smooth workflow by visualizing scope and current status through a Kanban board.


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I have benefited a lot from the use of actiTIME, I have managed to perfect my projects and take time from my employees and colleagues, an excellent advance! It helps to actitimd time tracking so simple and easy to access. Jane from KF Accounting Services. Regarding the email notifications, they are available in the latest version of the product.

Time Tracker for Data-Driven Business

In many cases, the projects have problems in the automatic saving, and the data is not saved correctly, I would like them to solve this error. I had no problems to teach to the rest colleagues, and now everyone can log their hours easily.

I have benefited from the use of actiTIME because I have witnessed how the way of doing projects in my company is atitime, has functions that no other platform has and at a certain point, it favors too much the best presentation of projects of my company.



Gain more control over your data by taking advantage of our API. See the project progress at a glance, collaborate easily and deliver work faster.

Free Timesheet Online Trial

As for sctitime, actiTIME is only available in packages. ActiTIME has benefited me to make quick projects in my company. Best For Companies that want to spend less efforts on time tracking and gain more benefits from customizable reports and charts, simplified project-management and accurate invoicing.

Recently recommended 27 times. What I like most about actiTIME is that it is a very multifunctional software, and it offers me the opportunity to be able to carry out a work project, and instantly, take time-outs.


Similar Categories to Time Tracking Software: Also, ActiTime also helped us to generate reports for our clients showing time our engineers are spending per projects. The goal of getting paid is my prime use of the program. It offers great support. If you can measure it, you can improve it.


Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes. I would like prices to go down a bit. With several customization options available, actiTIME easily adapts to your specific work process. It allows a good level of detail through the tracking a client, product and task level. I can see lot of button s here and there on the dashboard which I have never actiyime until now.

So, if you don’t have a time tracking system, it’s an excellent choice. I really like actitime because of the beautiful design it has, in my opinion, it is what gives entertainment to the software as such, and also its functions, it is very good to be taking several times at once, actitiime two tasks at the same time and Take control of both.


actiTIME Timesheet Software Features

The flexibility of project and task description made this program work for my consulting business. Organize project teams, meet planned deadlines and achieve your goals. This can also be remedied by strict protocols in the office, but a fail safe with the software, like Quickbooks has, would be nice.

We always use txt or csv files, and then convert them to excel.

We now have a better finger on the pulse of our business. Sometimes sorting through tasks and adding or deleting them can be a bit challenging. Check actiTIME Online prices by choosing the required number of users and the length of service period.

For actiTIME Self-Hosted, the price will be calculated as the difference between your current package and the new package. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.