My portfolio – My facebook page – 5oopx. Follow me on px: Learn underwater photography techniques for popular digital cameras and specialized professional underwater equipment wide angle , macro , super macro , lighting and work flow. It was not until I started blogging that I decided to take photography more seriously. I felt Flickr was badly loosing the fight to 5oopx, so it’s good that they still are fighting back.


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Learn underwater photography techniques for popular 5oop cameras and specialized professional underwater equipment wide anglemacrosuper macrolighting and work flow. So you can see a road, lights, reflections, a car, some people with umbrellas, and a few drops here and there.

What are you looking for? 5opx, finally it’s nice to see Flickr made some updates to their website. Afterglow and Reflection by Lawrence Goldman.

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I took this in the evening while i was studing for university exams. One way direction by Scarlet. Belfry by Elsbeth Walter. I know, i missed 2 weeks.

Waiting for 5oopz weather by Elsbeth Walter. Peace by Elsbeth Walter. These changes enable px to serve the needs of a broader cohort of visual media customers, and represent a significant revenue opportunity for the company and its contributors.


Amaryllis A. (AmaryllisPhotography) Photos / px

Thanks to a special little girl. Ho finito lo stage, ma non ho ripreso in mano la macchina fotografica. Laurent BECHE, a French professional underwater photographer, first learned to dive in Switzerland, his interest in underwater photography blossomed in when he left France to live on Reunion Island, a French island Press [L] or click on the image to view the image in light box.

Genoveses by Elsbeth Walter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Bride by Scarlet. 5opx this comes little late. You must be logged in to comment. Cathedral by Elsbeth Walter.


I take an individual approach to each person I photograph. I enjoy, 5ooox appreciate the opportunity to photograph bloggers, couples, influencers who make an impact in their profession, families, and also lifestyle type setting. Read latest news, explore travel destinations for underwater photography.

Marina Cano (MarinaCano) Photos / px

Galleries of professional and amateur underwater photography including 5oolx, coral reefs, undersea creatures, fashion and surfing photography. It was after experimenting in this way that I realized my passion for photography.



As of this week, all images on px can only be licensed through Getty Images—in China VCG will maintain licensing rights. Follow me on px: Actually the idea was different, I must say that I still haven’t figured out how to bring out only the rain in the evening without a flash is it only ignorance or is it just difficult?

DPG is a comprehensive underwater photography website and community for underwater photographers. Old Sevlievo views by Elsbeth Walter. To use my images without my permission is illegal. Categories Outfits Travel Beauty Home. I have spent countless hours studying photographs of people, while considering the angles, the lighting, and the editing the photographer used.


Follow me on Twitter: I love the fact that photography has the amazing ability to transport us to a different time, or place with one single shot.